Welcome to Marion Elementary School

 Dr. Angela Pollock 
Regional Principal

 Mrs. Bernadette Benbow 
Head Teacher

Mrs. Laurie Mowen


The faculty and staff at Marion Elementary welcomes you and your children to the 2016-2017 school year. Our primary goal is to offer our students the best educational opportunity possible. Your input and cooperation are vital in achieving this goal.

Office Phone # (717) 375-2360  Fax # (717) 375-4533  Nurse # (717) 375-2360

For weather related delays, early dismissals or closings call 261-5680  or

RE:  Student Pick Up

 When picking up your child at normal dismissal time, please be sure to pull up as far in line as you are able, when someone leaves please continue pulling up as far as possible.  This will ensure we can release more than one student at a time.  We also ask that you not get out of your vehicle, however if you need to get out of your vehicle to help your child get buckled, please pull up past the orange cone to enable the flow of traffic.

 When dropping off your child, please do not allow your child to get out of the car until you reach the sidewalk.

 Thank you for your cooperation.